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Topics & Dates for 2018

Here is the list of dates for the Intense Horse*Man*Ship experience for this year.  To register, call The Hideout at 800-354-8637 or 307-765-2080 or email info@thehideout.com.  If you have other questions about the courses please contact Philippe at philippe.sittinghorse@gmail.com

We are looking forward to seeing you and helping you advance faster than you ever thought you could!!

See the 2018 dates below!

June11 - 15Mastering Equine Communication 
June18 - 22 Advanced Equine Communication
July 9 - 13 Mastering Equine Communication 
July16 - 20  Focus on Dressage / Cowboy Dressage & Finesse 
 August6 -10 Transform English to Western Riding
 August13 - 17 Focus on Trail Riding / Competitive Trail Riding 
 September 17 - 21Fluidity, Yoga, and Horsemanship 
 October 1 - 5
Mastering Equine Communication
**All courses include arrival after 2 pm on Sunday through Saturday at 10 am.**

Sitting Horse People Training
Call or Text Event Manager Philippe Dube`Boucher:

35 Corbett Road
Cody, WY 82414 USA

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